Posted by: Italian Surname Database in has developed a free - an interesting search feature built specifically for genealogy is which is capable of searching hundreds of databases in one query.  Similar to the Ellis Island search query, it gives you variations of what your surname *could* be spelled as which allows you to search using a particular variation.  My surname yielded 30 possibilities which I printed off and inserted into my research binder as a reference guide.

From their site:

" Research is a search engine built specifically for genealogy, capable of searching hundreds of major genealogy databases in a single query. It's the most comprehensive genealogy research tool existent today and the first of its kind. In simple terms, this search engine runs each query simultaneously in hundreds of genealogy databases, aggregates the results and displays them in one consolidated report. This gives you more genealogy search power than has ever been available before, in a simple, friendly and convenient interface."

For more on this or to use the feature, visit their pages at: MyHeritage Genealogy.

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