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From the wonderful website Origini dei Cognomi Italiani :

Chiricosta/CiricostaChiricosta seems specific Ardore (RC) and the nearby Sant `Ilario Ionian Ciricosta is typical of Melicucco Rosamond and always in Reggio.

*Assumptions provided by Alexis Bruno Bedini
Surname exclusively in the area Locri (RC) - Gerace (RC) with a high incidence in the city of Ardore (RC).
The data in my possession is a noble family originally from Locri (RC).  Etymologically speaking in the dialect Reggio "Chirico" is the top of something.
*Assumptions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi

The origin of surnames and Chiricosta Ciricosta in fact be found in the Greek dialects of the south, where the expression Chiri / CIRI Costa (from the greek kyrie Costas) literally means Mr. Costa (as in surnames such Serantoni, Sergianni, Sernicola, etc.): French, in fact, is a greek name of tradition and beyond Greece itself (which is still in use as a personal name), it seems that at one time enjoyed a reputation in our country ( for more explanation on the name, see French surname). 
 As for names in question, then, is the cognominizzazioni personal names of the founders.

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