And We're Back!  

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Finally the Italian Surname Database is back up and running. You will notice a slightly different look and a anti spam feature on the feedback form.  Unfortunately during the upgrade there is a slight possibility that some of the data was lost or corrupted.  Please check the information for your surnames and contact info and send me any corrections so I can add information and make any necessary corrections.  Once again I ask that you please do not send any genealogy related questions through this form as it is only a feedback form and nothing more.  Direct all other questions to the Gente forum and we will gladly try to help you through there.
The format needed to submit names to the database is simply:


There is no need for headings, periods, capitalized letters (other than then first initial), bold letters, first names of ancestors, etc.  This will cut down on time and editing and allow me to update the site more frequently.

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Italy - Origins of the Name  

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From the History of Italy Website:

The name Italy (Italia) is an ancient name for the country and people of Southern Italy.
Mythological roots of the name date back to a legendary ancient king named 'Italus', though a more likely origin may be from ancient Oscan VÍTELIÚ, meaning "land of young cattle", as Italy was a land rich in cattle since ancient times.
The name Italia was imposed upon the Roman Republic by the conquering Italic tribes of the contemporary Abruzzo region, centering in the area of Corfinium (Corfinio)...

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Longest and Shortest Italian Surnames  

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Italian Names
Italian Names is an interesting website packed full of information and tidbits about Italian Names.  They cover everything from Italian Baby names to the most Common Surnames found in Italy. There is also a page specially for Top Baby Names around the World which not only include Italy but the US, Denmark and Canada. The information is complied using data up to 2004.

Make sure to check out the section where it shows the longest and shortest Italian Surnames found in the Italian White Pages  - Pagine Bianche.

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