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Posted by: Italian Surname Database

As most of you know I love researching almost anything but most specifically anything to do with Italian Surnames. Unfortunately researching anything takes time and money - neither of which comes easy these days to the average person like me and more than likely you. Researching is a hobby for me. When I look for something I really, really look and try to use several sources to support my findings. I am by no means an expert so it is the only way to actually do this correctly. Sometimes researching a name can take hours, weeks or months so you can imagine how time consuming this can be - and how costly.

 Having said all that I'll get to the point. Each day I receive several dozen emails from people asking me if I know the meaning of their surname. That's all. There is usually no other information. It's gotten to the point I can't even reply to these emails without using a standard reply and half the time my replies come back undeliverable. These are the times I am grateful I don't look for meanings as there would be no way to reply other than to post it on my website which is additional work to code the information. The truth is I have a full time job, and a family. I don't have the resources or the time to answer/research all these requests (I really wish I did but I don't). Life gets in the way - bills need to be paid, laundry needs to be done and dinners need to be cooked. Donations to the site are welcomed and do allow me to help some people.  The money literally helps pay only for materials to conduct the research and to partially maintain the sites.

So please, if you are going to request my help please be considerate. Give me something to work with. Tell me where your family comes from, provide a correct email where I can contact you (only I see your email address and I do not send out spam at any time - all communication is posted here or on the site) and perhaps offer something to help with the costs. Travel, bandwidth, paper, wear and tear on my PC (which I finally replaced after months of doing without), etc. all adds up. And then give me time.

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