Name Meaning Application on Facebook  

Posted by: Italian Surname Database

Had a bit of fun this morning using a Name Meaning Application on Facebook.  I couldn't find the meaning of my first name using the current spelling but I was able to find it using an alternate spelling.
I played around with it a bit and tried various surnames as well and thought it was interesting to see some of the results.  Some names actually had more than one meaning or origin -By alternating the spelling some more, these same names came up with even more results or not at all. 

Sometimes applications such as this are not only fun but can help identify the original origin of a name.  I wouldn't use it as a main source when researching but I would definitely use it in conjunction with other sources to help identify different possibilities.
It's also important not to take yourself too seriously when researching. You want to have a bit of fun!  So next time you're up against a brick wall and need a bit of relief try using some less conventional resources. It can't hurt and the worst thing that can happen is it might make you smile. 

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