Surnames of San Marco Argentano in 19th century  

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This amazing site has an index to all the surnames present in the Comune di San Marco Argentano, Cosenza that were present in the 19th century.  The author has researched using the registers located in the Italian Archives.  He has included births starting from 1809 and marriages from 1811.

Keep in mind that these surnames may not necessarily have originated in San Marco Argentano as he has included any name that he found a reference too in the registers.

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Italian (Calabria): habitational name from Rovito in Cosenza province, so named from Latin rubetum ‘thornbush’, ‘briar’, ‘bramble’.
GIVEN NAMES: Italian 11%; Spanish 6%. Gennaro (2), Mario, Nazzareno, Rafael; Carlos, Diego, Francisco, Mariela.

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How to Submit Your Surnames to the Database  

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It's been a long month. Over a hundred surnames have been submitted for entry into the Italian Surname Database.  The most difficult part of updating the site is missing information and formatting the data.  I do this all manually since I chose not to use any flashy programs that might slow down the site.

If you would like to submit a surname you can help me by following the steps below.

First go to the Contact  link on the site. You will see a Submit form.  Enter your name. Some people choose to use their surname as the name but I believe it's more effective to use a first name but it's not necessary. 
Next provide a valid email address where a person can contact you.  Valid emails are required.
Next, provide your surname and the town, province and region in Italy your ancestor is from.  If you know the town but not the province or region a simple search using your favourite search engine will help and will also ensure you have spelled it correctly.  I spend approximately two hours a month looking this information and correcting spelling for submitters which delays my updating the site.  I also receive emails from people that say their ancestors were from somewhere around the Southern Region of Italy or around Naples.  I can not determine where your ancestors are from.
Once entered submit the info and you should receive a Thank You message letting you know I have received your request or an Error message if something has gone wrong. There is no need to send another email unless you notice I have updated the site since you sent your request and your surname has not been added.

Please do not use all lowercase or all uppercase letters in your submission.  If you do, then I will have to reformat the information all over again.

Your submission should look like this:

Reggio Calabria
youremail @

and NOT like this:

ANGILLETTA, Domenic,  ardore, from somewhere in the south of Italy.

There is no need to add anything else.  This database can not answer genealogy related questions and no one sees the additional information except for me.  If you do need help locating an ancestor then please join Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy Forum and we will do our best to assist you.  I also get several emails in Spanish and French.  The members on the forum are from all over the world and will be happy to answer those questions and you can post them in your language of choice.  I unfortunately can not.

Thanks and have a Happy Canada Day and a Happy Fourth of July!

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