Arbëresh Villages and Surnames in Southern Italy  

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The Albanian people began to settle in Italy (in particular Sicily and Calabria) about 1400 AD and arrived as a sort of military mercenary to the country. In return for their help they were given land grants and allowed to permanently take up residence in the country. They formed communities and integrated well within the land and were often referred to as Greci or Greeks. They currently live in about 49 mountain towns and villages from the Abruzzi Appenines to the south of Italy and Sicily.

Arbëresh Villages in Sicily:

  • Biancavilla  - Catania
  • Bronte - Catania
  • Contessa Entellina - Palermo
  • Mezzojuso- Palermo
  • Palazzo Adriano - Palermo
  • Piana degli Abanesi (Piana dei Greci - prior to 1940) - Palermo
  • Sant’Angelo Muxaro - Agrigento
  • San Michele di Ganzaria - Catania
  • Santa Cristina Gela- Palermo
For a list of some known names and more about the history of Albanians in Sicily, see the article at Sicilian Arbëresh Surnames.

Calabrian Arbëresh Villages in Cosenza:

  • Acquaformosa
  • Castroregio
  • Cavallerizzo
  • Cervicati
  • Civita
  • Eian
  • Falconara
  • Firmo
  • Frascineto
  • Lungro
  • Macchia
  • Montegrassano
  • Plataci
  • Rota Greca
  • S. Basile
  • S. Bernedetto
  • S. Caterina
  • S. Cosmo
  • S. Demetrio
  • S. Giorgio
  • S. Lorenzo
  • S. Marco
  • S. Martino
  • S. Sofia
  • Spezzano
  • Vaccarizzo

Calabrian Arbëresh Villages in Catanzaro:

  • Amato
  • Andali
  • Arietta
  • Caraffa
  • Carfizzi
  • Gizzeria
  • Marcedusa
  • Pallagorio
  • S. Nicola
  • Vena
  • Zagarise
  • Zangarona

For a list of some known names and more about the history of Albanians in Calabria, see the article at Calabrian Arbëresh Surnames.

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